Web Apps


The CellCycler

The CellCycler is a minimalist model of a growing tumour which uses ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to simulate cells as they pass through the phases of the cell cycle. The guiding philosophy of the model is that it should only use parameters that can be observed or reasonably well approximated. There is no representation of the complex internal dynamics of each cell; instead the level of analysis is limited to cell state observables such as cell phase, apoptosis, and damage. This approach naturally accounts for a heterogeneous cell population with varying doubling time, and closely captures the dynamics of a growing tumour as it is exposed to treatment (see related post).


Manchester PBPK App

The Manchester PBPK app was developed in collaboration with Nicola Melillo and Leon Aarons. Its intended to be used as an exploratory tool to explore bottom-up pharmacokinetic predictions in different species.

There is ongoing work being done to combine the app with the CellCycler and other pharmacodynamic models.  If this is of interest do contact us.